Picton Castle


Their Ships-  Picton Castle

Where They Sail-   The whole world!!

What they do-

  • They circumnavigate the globe.  They take passengers and trainees on these voyages, and folks can chose what parts of the journey they wish to do, up to sailing all the way around the world!

Bark Europa


Their Ships-  Europa

Where They Sail-   Europe, North & South America, Africa, the Atlantic and ANTARCTICA!!

What they do-

  • Long voyages all around the Atlantic Ocean, including Antarctica.

Jubilee Sailing Trust (Lord Nelson and Tenacious)


Their Ships-  Lord Nelson and Tenacious

Where They Sail-   All over the world!!

What they do-

  • Their ships are the only tallships in the world designed so they can be sailed by a crew with widely varied physical ability.

  • Every aspect of shipboard life is available to all, from setting the sails, going aloft and helming/steering the ship.

  • They take passengers out on these journeys ranging from day sails to a month or more long voyage.

More to Come!!  

     But feel free to search the Web for other Global tallships.

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