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Bring the Author to your School!

A bit about the Program

My goal is to have a fun, exciting and meaningful learning experience for your class! At my author’s reading I will dress up as an 18th century captain and your students will not only get to enjoy a book filled with funny sailor stories, but they will also get to act out some of these tales, guess at what their endings might be, hear about real-life adventures out at sea, as well as learn some sailor vocabulary along the way. Plus, every student LOVES the book’s surprise ending (sorry, you’ll just have to wait!)  😊

As a licensed tallship captain who has also completed the California State Teaching Credential Program, I can tie in my life experience out at sea to your classroom.  Students will be given ideas on how to be a good classmate, how to appreciate the incredibly difficult and thankless work their teachers do, how to overcome personal fears and how to deal with tough school issues.

Of course, I will also talk with them about reading and writing, and show them that they are natural story-tellers and story-lovers themselves.  They will learn what inspired me to create the book and how it was done.  I hope that my experience in making the book will make them realize that while it is difficult and takes effort to write and publish, it is amazingly fun and rewarding as well.


Some other details:

The visit is good for K-6th grade students. I adjust my reading and presentation styles, as well as stories and concepts covered, depending on the age group.  Some grades can be grouped up easily (1-2, 3-4, & 5-6)

The entire program lasts about 40-50 minutes.  Definitely allow 10-15 minutes in between groups for moving students in and out of the reading area.

The program works best for 25-100 students, but I am flexible and have had groups of 250 students before. 

It works best if I have a set area with access to a projector (so I can project the book as well as show historical images and photos from my tallship life)  I will take care of the props for the students’ acting of the stories.


How to set up a visit:

        For scheduling and pricing please use the form here!  

We will find a date (or a couple of dates) that work out best for everyone.

I will definitely want to have the opportunity to have pre-orders for the students who wish to purchase the book. This also helps me determine how many books to bring to your school.

There will also be many students who will want to buy the book the day of the reading, so I would also like to have the opportunity to sell my book out in front of your school.

I will also happily be available to sign any books that students purchase.

Real life stories to inspire students

 in their classrooms!

Thanks! Message sent.

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