Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority


Their Ships-  Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain

Where They Sail-   Up and down the ENTIRE WEST COAST OF THE USA!  They are in California during the winter, and in Washington State during the summer.

What they do-

  • An educational non-profit that takes 4th and 5th graders out on the water for 3 hour field trips to learn about history and sailing. 

  • They allow public on board for tours, sails and 3 hour Battle Sails where the ships cut the engines, set sail, and shoot at each other with their cannons. 

  • They have an excellent sail training program where anyone can come on board and live with the ship and crew and learn how to sail and be a mariner.

  • They also do charters, private sails and events.

The Sound Experience


Their Ships-  Adventuress

Where They Sail-   Washington State (Seattle, the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands)

What they do-

  • Exciting Environmental Educational Sails for school-aged youth.

  • Day sails for the public.

  • Private charters and events.

  • The also have special sails and opportunities for members and volunteers.

Call of the Sea


Their Ships-  Matthew Turner and Schooner Seaward

Where They Sail-   All around the San Francisco Bay Area.  On their Voyages of Discovery they also head down the coast to Monterrey Bay.

What they do-

  • Field trips for young students out in the bay teaching sailing and science.

  • Week long Voyages of Discovery for teens.

  • Public sails, charters, and events.

  • In the winter the ship sails down to Mexico with passengers to the Sea of Cortez.  There they run overnight passenger sails for tourists from the States and elsewhere.

Los Angeles Maritime Institute


Their Ships-  Irving Johnson,Exy Johnson, and the Swift of Ipswich

Where They Sail-   Los Angles area and the Channel Islands

What they do-

  • They take elementary and middle school-aged students out on life-changing educational sailing trips.

  • They have a good volunteer community and accept volunteers to help on the boats.

  • They help At-Risk-Youth.

  • They take the public out for sails, charters, and voyages.

Channel Islands Maritime Museum in Oxnard, CA


Their Ships-  Actually, they do not have any ships, but it is such a gem of a museum, I couldn't help but mention it!

Where They Sail-   The museum is located in Oxnard, CA (Channel Islands Harbor)

What they do-

  • They have incredible displays!!  Many amazing models, great paintings and artifacts, and one of the largest collections of Napoleonic Era prisoner ship models in the world!! (These were the models made out of bone and hair, etc. that prisoners would make during the Napoleonic Wars.  They are very detailed and look really neat.)

  • They also have occasional speakers and events.

San Diego Maritime Museum


Their Ships-  California, HMS Surprise, San Salvador, Star of India, America, and several more.

Where They Sail-   San Diego Bay

What they do-

  • They have a maritime museum with many different types of tallships, and even more modern boats including a submarine.

  • They have a volunteer program where locals can help at the museum and on the ships.

  • They take the public out for sails out on the bay.

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